Monday, July 14, 2008

Delhi’s Invitation for 2010 Commonwealth Games

Delhi roads and flyoversDelhi is the proud host of the coming prestigious event of the 2010 Commonwealth Games and the city is preparing for the same in full swing. In none other Sports event the government had pumped such funds as in the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

There is lot of construction activities going on in Delhi these days, new traffic system, roads, malls, new flyover and also revamping of the old ones. Private players are also making their part in full fledge .Construction of new affordable and luxurious hotels in Delhi is an example of these.

But the current scenario is a lot of hassles, traffic jams and hefty mess all over the city which causes a lot of problems to the general public but we would be witnessing a new beautiful city once it is completed.

The government is doing its best to enhance the city to meet the promised standards. A budget of Rs.1189 crores has been allotted for the development of infrastructure in the city.

New Roads! New Flyovers

Roads in Delhi have always been better than any other city in the country. But then also they were not capable of holding the burden of the growing traffic. As every one is aware that Delhi holds the record of having the largest number of vehicles in a single city. So, a lot of new flyovers are being constructed and there are plans of modifying current flyovers to expand their reach. Then, there are plans of adding new arterial and approach roads to improve traffic within the city as well as reduce congestion on the National Highways. A Road Improvement Plan has also been created for 52 roads of an approximate length of 65kms. Also, there are plans of constructing underground tunnels to connect the Games Village to the venues and city road networks.

Multilevel Parking
More good news for Delhi residents is that multi level parking spaces are being introduced as the city is already ridiculed with the parking problem, situation is going to become worse with the launch of Tata “Laktakiya” car Tata Nano which would make able a biker to afford a car

Airport Renovation and New Hotels
The Commonwealth Games being hosted in Delhi is sweet music for tourists and travelers too, as a new international airport is being planned and the current airport is being revamped as well, allowing Delhi to host many more flights. Also, a lot more five-star hotels and shopping centers are being added in the city.

All in all, Delhi is getting its act together and has two more years to do so. Some funny rules are to be carried out such as ensuring the removal of both cows and beggars from the streets before the Commonwealth starts. The process is tedious, involving huge amounts of money and lots of inconvenience to the public. Diversions everywhere, roads are blocked, and average time traveling on the road is doubled. But soon enough, Delhi shall evolve into a world class metropolitan living up its title as the capital of the emerging superpower of the world.