Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Battle of Power Begins in Delhi

elections in delhi,congress BJP logoCongress will get you Delhi of Dreams: Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit

Claiming to completely change the face of Delhi and make it acceptable as a “world destination”, the Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit kick-started her election campaign on Monday, just a few days before the polling date.

The Congress in the capital has decided to make preparations for the 2010 Commonwealth Games their main agenda to fight the BJP in the capital for the upcoming assembly elections.

“None of us can even imagine how much Delhi will change when the 2010 Commonwealth Games would start in Delhi in a few years. The event is of national importance and pride,” said Sheila Dikshit while releasing the election manifesto on Monday afternoon.

Dikshit further said Delhi would be a completely different city in 2010 and the people should bring her government back in power to bring about the change. “We don’t say much because we believe in doing more work and let our work speak for itself,” said the present chief minister.

“The commonwealth games would bring a revolution in Delhi and we as the citizens and the government should be prepared for it. It is going to be the turning point in Delhi when the whole world would look up to us,” said Dikshit, adding that the capital has to be made into a world destination before the start of the games and the government needs time to complete the job.

The preparations for the 2010 Commonwealth Games have already been delayed and 13 out of the 27 projects, being handled by the city government, have been delayed for a long time now.

The international commonwealth games authority had recently pointed out that legal hurdles could delay the preparations for the games in Delhi.

The government has been sending its officials to Australia, England and China to understand their preparations and train themselves for the games and try and bring some changes in the preparations in Delhi.