Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mountain Biking Slipped to Muddy Biking: Gosselin

Mountain Biking Slipped to Muddy Biking: GosselinWith no mountain biking in the 2010 Commonwealth Games Josh Gosselin has switched from the muddy mountain bike scene to that of the skinnier-tyred road bikes with aims to qualify for Guernsey’s road team heading to Delhi in 2010. And he is making a good fist of it so far.

After a heavy winter’s training and some promising early season form Gosselin headed off to the mainland for a weekend of racing.

Starting in Doncaster Gosselin took part in the NMCF 25-mile time trial. The event consisted of two out and back sections and whilst the weather remained mostly dry, conditions were far from ideal.

With wind speeds of 30mph gusting up to 40, keeping control of the aerodynamic bikes became the first priority.

Still in the early days of his time trialling career Gosselin was tested on a number of occasions as the cross winds picked up.

Fortunately the 25-mile marker arrived without serious incident completing the course in 56min. 49sec., fractionally slower than the previous weekend’s local event.