Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dedicated medicine unit for sportspersons set up in Delhi

Keeping the 2010 Commonwealth Games in mind, the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre (ISIC) in the capital has set up a dedicated sports medicine unit which will specifically provide diagnosis and treatment to sportspersons. The sports medicine unit will be involved in multi faceted activities including care of injured sportsmen, training of medical manpower and research in sports medicine and injuries.

The unit will offer facilities to test the fitness of anybody intending to take up sporting activities, sports programmes for disabled sportspersons and tie-ups with existing sports facilities in and around the capital.

H.S. Chhabra, medical director of ISIC said: “With Delhi gearing up for the 2010 Commonwealth Games, it is extremely important that sportspersons and anyone involved in active sports understand the importance of right treatment for sports related injuries.”

“The primary objective of setting up a sports unit is to treat the injured athlete by specially trained surgeons, educating the doctors, physiotherapists and giving the right diagnosis and treatment,” Chhabra said.

“There will be yearly courses held to keep the health professionals, both doctors and physiotherapists, up to date with the latest developments in sports medicine.

“The sports unit will also fulfil the function of fitness assessment of people who are restarting a sporting activity after a long break and need proper assessment of their cardio vascular fitness level to avoid injuries or damage to their heart and lungs,” Chhabra added.