Friday, March 6, 2009

CWG Projects Lagging Behind, Govt Beating Own Drums

Today while reading daily news paper i came across a full page advertisement, which i am not sure but might be published by either Commonwealth Games Committee or Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

The matter is nearly all the commonwealth games projects are lagging behind schedule, even some projects haven't started yet and the whole government and private machinery is racing against time , Only such advertisements and honey pots can't do anything.

The time is to take actions and Delhi Government as well as the government of India should ensure that we have to project a bright image of our capabilities toward whole world, and 2010 commonwealth games are a right chance to do it.

See yourself what the Government is Promising to Indians. Actually as far as i know elections are going to be held in India and the government wants to encash its each and every acievement


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