Thursday, March 5, 2009

Firing On Cricketers Alarms Delhi Police, Takes Fresh Look At Security

The attack on Sri Lankan cricketers in Lahore has set alarm bells ringing in Delhi, which will host the 2010 Commonwealth Games next year. The Delhi Police is putting in place a new strategy to combat possible attacks on players and venues after a parliamentary committee questioned the capital’s security preparedness for the Games and recommended urgent measures.

With just 545 days to go for the Games, the capital’s security agencies are redevising their plans, with the focus more on terror strikes. Officials said close to Rs 178 crore will be spent on Games security, and the cost may escalate later.

Intelligence agencies intercepting satellite phone conversations between terror modules have warned of possible strikes during the Games. “The modus operandi could be similar to Lahore. The security drills at the Games venues and places where players will be staying have been devised. They include deployment of choppers at strategic locations,” said a member of the Commonwealth Games security team.

Speaking to Times City, commissioner of police Y S Dadwal said, “Security at the Games is a big concern and we are doing our best. We have to think a step ahead of the terrorists as they might come up with a new modus operandi this time.” Delhi Police, apart from installing modern security gadgets, will also enhance its police force with 14,000 more personnel being added to the existing strength of 64,000.

The newly-recruited policemen will be trained by the Delhi Police’s training wing which has been strengthened to handle 7,500 policemen from the earlier 4500.

Delhi Police has been organizing security drills to help minimize damage caused by possible terror strikes.

“We have been performing these security drills at hotels, public places and other important sites which are under the radar. This helps to check the response time and we will continue with such drills,” added Dadwal.

Besides providing choppers equipped with snipers, sources said at sensitive points during the Games, the police may impose Section 144 of CrPC to bar public gatherings. All Games-related areas will be under CCTV camera surveillance.

The routes to be taken by players will be kept secret till the last minute. The information on routes to the Games venue will be available to only authorized persons. A heavy contingent of security personnel will accompany players along the routes which will be sensitized an hour prior to the movement with deployment of plainclothes policemen in highrises and crowded areas, said a senior police officer.

“The Games village will virtually be turned into a fortress with deployment of paramilitary forces and players who are under threat will be accompanied by specially trained commandos,” added the officer.


Delhi Police to have strength of 78,000 by 2010. Currently, Delhi has 64,000 cops, up from 51,000 in 2007 The police may use Section 144 to keep things in control at high-risk places Security expenditure expected to be around Rs 178 crore Routes taken by players will be confidential. Also, routes will be frequently changed and sanitized. Contingency plans will be in place to deal with emergencies, Security staff in choppers to keep an eye at strategic locations, High-rise building and crowded areas will be secured and commandos in plain clothes will be deployed there

CCTVs will be used to keep vigil at Games venues and hotels where players will stay. These CCTVs will be connected to Cyber Highway, a centralized control room, Players will be accompanied by specially-trained commandos,Cops will undergo training before Commonwealth Games.


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