Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Commonwealth Games blamed for Increasing Accidents on Delhi Roads

Increasing Accidents on Delhi RoadsInfrastructure development including roads, flyovers, Foot over bridges, sewer and new water pipelines, metro phase 2 construction etc is going on a jet pace in Delhi in preparation of commonwealth games to be held next year. This has increased number of road accidents according to the Police Commissioner of Traffic, New Delhi.

Construction work taking place in New Delhi in preparation for the 2010 Commonwealth Games has led to an increase in road traffic accidents, it is alleged.

S N Srivastava, the New Delhi Police Commissioner of Traffic, has put the blame for the increase – 415 accidents until June 15 this year as opposed to 384 road mishaps until the same point in 2008 - on the level of construction work taking place in the city.

He said: “Due to simultaneous construction work at different places in Delhi, the traffic is very turbulent.”There is a lot of obstruction on the roads, and this is responsible for the increase in the number of accidents."

Well said Commissioner, this proves the proverb “Throwing one’s shit to other’s head”