Thursday, May 20, 2010

Delhi Police is Grappling with the Problem of Creating a Centralized Security Clearance

Delhi Police is grappling with the problem of creating a centralized system to provide security clearance to thousands of officials, athletes and other supporting staff at over 50 Commonwealth Games venues.

"There will be multi-department interaction during the Commonwealth Games. Police personnel and officials from civic agency, ministries, departments including those in charge of cleaning and upkeep of the venues would have to be given access. There is a need of a system to identify such men and allow them the entry," a senior Delhi Police official said.

Official sources said a number of personnel from civic agencies Municipal Corporation of Delhi and New Delhi Municipal Council, Sports Ministry, Culture Ministry, central paramilitary forces, private supporting staff for catering and house-keeping work among others shall be frequenting Games venues.

Delhi Police Commissioner Y S Dadwal, who has been interacting with members of his departmental technical committee on the matter, is the nodal officer in-charge of security matters.

Authorities are considering the idea of issuing security cum identity passes which will provide limited and graded access to officials and staff.

Delhi Police has already carried out a security audit of all the Games venues. According to the information given on CWG website the 17 sports to feature in the Games will be held at six venue clusters and five stand-alone venues in Delhi.

Besides, 26 new training venues are being constructed for the Games for different sports. Apart from this, 16 training venues are being upgraded.

Delhi Police has also made a crisis management plan to deal with any contingencies including fire, stampede and terror attacks at the Games venues.

Delhi Police is on a heightened alert against the possibility of terror attacks during the Games.
Sources said the Delhi Police, which is the first line of defense at Games venues, does not as yet have any data on the number of such employees or officials who shall be coming to the venues.
"We are coordinating with different departments including several ministries, civic bodies and central security agencies as to how we can address the issue. Providing daily passes to such officials will not be possible," the official said.

Commonwealth Games will be held from October 3 to 14 in the national capital.

Lakhs of domestic and foreign visitors including athletes, media persons, security officers and dignitaries will be coming to attend the event. Other than this, hundreds of supporting staff shall be providing various services during the event.