Sunday, November 1, 2009

DTC Training its drivers to enhance language skills for Commonwealth Games tourists

In a bid to enhance the English language skills of its drivers, for effective communication with the tourists coming for commonwealth games next year, Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) bus drivers are being trained in English to welcome foreign tourists during the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

This training is being given as part of New Delhi's initiatives to act as perfect hosts for the event.

Mukesh Kumar said training sessions have boosted his confidence and he was proud to be an Indian brand ambassador.

"One thing is for sure our country comes first in welcoming guests. Indians are great hosts. I also have a part to play to show the world how good hosts we can be. I would be the Indian brand ambassador," said Mukesh Kumar, a bus driver.

Just like Mukesh, over 5000 DTC drivers and conductors are being given lessons and trained in soft skills.

"When they will arrive we'll say 'Welcome to India' and would welcome them. When they will travel in our bus, we would say 'Please take your seat.' And, if they need any help, we'll say, 'may I help you Sir? This way, we will welcome them," said Satya Pal Singh, another bus driver.

Nearly 100,000 tourists are expected to arrive in Delhi next October to witness the two-week long games.

DTC is thus overhauling its bus fleet for the visitors.

"We'll have to think that as drivers and conductors, they are very good in their field. They just have an inferiority complex from which we have to bring them out and need to bring them in to mainstream of the society. So we are trying that they become a bit confident in speaking English language," said Nanditesh Niley, Director, training requirement and education programme, DTC.

Nearly 6,000 new DTC buses will be introduced by 2010 to ease commuting of which many will be low-floor, high capacity and air-conditioned.