Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gill reiterates to organize successful CW Games

Even as sports minister M S Gill on Wednesday insisted that the Commonwealth Games in Delhi next year would be a success, he stated that India, which he described as a poor country, should not be making any bid to host Olympics in the near future.

Responding to a calling attention motion in Rajya Sabha, Gill said India staging Commonwealth Games successfully would not in any way imply that it was in a position to host Olympics in 2020.

Gill's `reality check' has come as a dampener for those advocating India's case for the 2020 Olympics. "I don't think India should be thinking about Olympics. Look at the poverty of this country and its urban problems,'' he said.

"There is a certain class of us who want these great events because it's good entertainment. China spent Rs 50 billion on its Olympic Games. Think if you are in a position to spend like that,'' he added.

Gill made the remarks in response to Samajwadi Party MP Jaya Bachchan's assertion that India could host Olympics if it managed to stage Commonwealth Games successfully. Coming down heavily on the "lack of preparedness'', she said India could end up making a mockery of itself.”It's too obvious we are here to laugh at ourselves and make a mockery of the whole show. By now, we should have started our practice drills. But with a government of assessments, reports and then action I think we are in big trouble," she said.

"I really feel sorry for the (sports) minister because you have the baby on your lap but no nurse,'' she added.

Gill, however, assured that everything was in order. "The stadia will be completed in time. The government is investing substantial amount of money for the upgradation of various stadia to be used for the Games,'' he said.

"These stadia will become state-of-the-art venues of international standards. The government of India and the organizing committee are fully committed to completing all preparations for the Games in good time,'' he added.