Saturday, November 28, 2009

July 2010 cut-off for flyover near Village

It’s A Key Project For Commonwealth Games

With less than a year to go for the Commonwealth Games, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) seems to be in a hurry to finish its projects. As part of the Games Village project, it is working overtime on the flyover set to come up in front of the Village. The flyover, said DDA sources, is scheduled to be complete in July 2010.

Incidentally, the flyover has been built for the Village’s entry/exit point to provide a clear passage for the athletes. However, the project had received a lot of flak as the flyover to be built on NH-21 from the bus bay on the main road near the Village to 200m from the foot of the flyover towards the river side of Yamuna was seen as avoidable. Experts had claimed that the flyover wasn’t needed for the volume of traffic that would be generated during the ‘‘short’’ duration of the Games and that better traffic management would solve the problem. However, the project was later cleared, as the need for a dedicated passageway was felt for smooth movement of athletes.

Approval from DUAC, meanwhile, is still awaited. Sources at the agency said that a site visit last month had generated suggestions for some changes, which are still to be filed. Admitted KT Ravindran, DUAC chief, ‘‘The approval is yet to be given, though Commonwealth Games projects are being cleared as early as possible.’’

The good news for commuters on NH-24 facing the detour around the Village is that the road will be cleared up soon. DDA sources claimed the flyover was expected to be completed by June-July 2010, along with the Village construction. Said a senior DDA official, ‘‘The flyover, which includes the bund road along the NH-24 from NOIDA More, is one of the two projects that were specifically started for the Games. We are also building the cloverleaf to NOIDA more flyover.’’ The project, which was originally costing over Rs 25 crore, however, doesn’t include a FOB, a demand that had been made at one point of the project. Added the official, ‘‘The flyover is expected to take the load from the Village, which otherwise would have spilled over to NH-24. Diversions would have had to be made for dedicated passage of the athletes to the various venues, which now will be done through the flyover.’’

Interestingly, the DDA is also in the process of building the noise barrier around the Village to cut down on the noise from the nearby railway track.


Flyover: On NH-24 from bus bay (near Village entrance) towards existing Noida More flyover to 200m from the foot of flyover towards Yamuna riverside Expected to be completed around the same time as the Village, in July 2010 A cycle track is also expected below on the carriageway It will provide a dedicated passageway for athletes during the Games


jokes said...

I think valuble time has already been wasted, it is now a impossible target to achieve after seeing the site physically.
I am fail to understand what criteria put forwarded by the authorties set the target.