Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Action Plan for 2010 CWG Venues

Commonwealth Games Federation president Mike Fennell on Saturday reacted to the delay in delivery of venues for the 2010 Games. ‘‘While I note improvement in operational areas, the organizing committee (OC) and its partners must maintain the momentum that they have now gained across all functional areas,’’ he stressed.

Fennell then expressed ‘‘great disappointment’’ over the findings of the CGF coordination commission on the delayed delivery of the venues, and in particular, at how the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, and the SP Mukherjee Swimming Complex were so far behind schedule.

‘‘We have continuously received assurances on the delivery timelines for these projects, and to now hear that there are further delays is distressing. These delays will have an impact upon the OC’s operational planning, particularly in relation to the conduct of test events and overlay installation,’’ Fennel added. ‘‘There can be no further delays,’’ he stressed, pointing out that he was pleased when sports minister M S Gill assured him on Saturday that the venues will not encounter any further delays.

Fennel next shifted gear to make statements that would be music to Kalmadi’s ears.’ With the backdrop of the coordination commission’s draft report and the positive progress made in operational planning, Mr Kalmadi and I have agreed today to an alternative approach to our ongoing interaction and monitoring work,’’ Fennel asserted.

‘‘In view of the current improved status, we have agreed it is now more appropriate for the CGF to provide additional on-going support to the OC through its existing Commonwealth Games Knowledge Management Programme,’’ Fennel added.

‘‘When I announced the formation of the committee just over two months ago, I noted that this group would monitor ‘progress against promise’. So now that will happen through our coordination commission and the ongoing work with OC of our CEO Micheal Hooper,’’ said Fennell.

Asked how there was this sudden sense of bonhomie between the CGF and the OC, Fennell was quick to say that the progress seen and the attitude towards the work at hand had definitely enhanced the confidence of the CGF in the OC and various stakeholders.

‘‘We can all have our different views but ultimately it’s job to work together to deliver the Games successfully,’’ he added.

A very nervous Suresh Kalmadi looked relieved at the announcement that the CGF won’t set up the Technical Review Committee. He admitted that the decision has brought a sigh of relief and harped on the fact how the CGF had witnessed improvement in the preparations.

CGF decides against setting up of Technical Review Committee. Commonwealth Games Knowledge Management Programme to help

Assistance in three prime areas
Venue operations: Particularly the process associated with functional area integration at the time of Games
Volunteer programme: Particularly helping with the planning associated with training of 30, 0000 volunteers
Games readiness: Particularly successful demonstration of key capabilities and performance indicators