Thursday, December 24, 2009

Traffic Crawls as Games work on full fledge at CP

The price of heavy infrastructure development going on in Delhi for 2010 commonwealth games, is being paid by common citizens in the form of traffic jams, the heart of the city CP is also facing the same situation.

Frenzied construction work on subways and central verges and the restoration work on the Connaught Place facade seemed to have slowed down traffic in the area on Wednesday. With work having started on the subways in front of Regal Cinema and Shanker Market, the parking area on either side of the road was cordoned off leading to traffic congestion.

Ducting work for utilities also began in the Middle Circle leading to further chaos. Said NDMC spokesperson Anand Tiwari: ‘‘Work has already begun on two of the existing subways. We are also going to put all wires and pipes in a common utility duct in the Middle Circle and have started work there. Work on eight more subways will begin on December 25.’’

The entire work has to be completed by August 2010 and only one part of the carriageway will be open for traffic till then.

There was a spillover of the jam in the Inner Circle. ‘‘It took me 15 minutes to get to Inner Circle from Outer Circle. After that, it took another 10 minutes just to find a parking spot,’’ said an incensed Mita Singh.

‘‘There is just no space to park in the Outer Circle now. As a result of which most traffic turned to the Inner Circle to find parking. If the situation is so bad now, I wonder what will happen when construction of the subways begins.’’

Said president of New Delhi Traders Association Atul Bharghav: ‘‘Work has begun only on two of the subways and it has led to slowing down of traffic. Imagine what will happen once construction of all eight subways is taken up.’’

The traffic police is supposed to issue an advisory for people working in or going to CP. Said a senior traffic police officer: ‘‘We will come out with an advertisement this week giving alternative routes that people can take to CP and areas where traffic movement will be restricted. It is likely to take a week for the situation to stabilise. Parking is going to be available only in front of shops in Inner Circle and in the radials.’’

Meanwhile, with 500 DTC buses passing through CP everyday, DTC is working out its diversions.

The new subways will be disabled-friendly and will have escalators. The total cost of this project is Rs 35 crore.


vinod kumar garg said...

According to me it would be a fatel for NDMC to allow construction work on 8 new subway in CP area simultaniously at this juncture,when already face lifting/restoration of CP building work in progress.The completion time for subway has been kept 8 Month without application of mind.Still it is time to rethink over this and may may postpone this works after CWG 2010.