Thursday, July 29, 2010

Local Snack Makers Aiming for Games Catering

Some of Delhi’s more popular snack makers could turn out to be the new caterers for Commonwealth Games 2010.

Names like Haldiram, Bikanervala and Fast Trax are making the rounds at the OC office as the last date for the new RFPs (Request for proposals), issued last Saturday, draws near.

Sources claimed that feelers have already been sent by these companies to find out the requirements to compete for the request for proposals. Incidentally, the last date for the two RFPs one for packaged food packets for the workforce and one to cater at the VIP lounge is the end of this month.

Sources claimed that discussions between representatives of the companies and senior OC officials have been taking place over the past few days.

‘‘The interest expressed was for the packaged food RFP,’’ added the source. As part of the RFP, packed meals hour with the responsibility for packing and delivering the food resting with the caterer.

According to officials, a consortium could very well be formed to tackle the job.

With the organizing committee rejecting the proposal made by IRCTC for catering at all the venues, there is now pressure to choose the caterers before September 1, when the staff starts full-time work at the venues as well as at the trade fair grounds, where the media centre is located. According to sources, official functions there have been delayed due to the non-selection of a caterer.

Incidentally, the offer made by IRCTC had been for Rs 150 per plate, bringing the entire budget to a little over Rs 20 crore. Sources said that the OC was looking at more affordable prices.

The organizing committee has been struggling to find caterers for its venues for some time now.

The decision to go for packed meals for its workforce and food stalls in the VIP lounges has raised questions over food safety norms, with many pointing out the huge difference in quality that would become inevitable between the food provided at the Commonwealth Games Village by an international firm and what’s provided at the venues.