Sunday, October 10, 2010

Closing Ceremony will witness 7000 artistes perform

The closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games on October 14 will be a show of unity and solidarity. While the flag parade of the opening ceremony separately introduced each of the contingents from the 71 participating nations, the closing ceremony promises to be a fun fiesta the march-past will feature jumbled groups of participating athletes to send out a message that they are leaving as one big family.

Having handed over the field of play (FOP) at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium for athletics on Wednesday, the organizing committee’s ceremonies team is busy with preparations for the closing ceremony, which they promise will also deliver the ‘‘wow factor’’.

According to sources, though the theme and essence of the closing ceremony will be completely different from the opening spectacle, it will be as grand an event. This time too, about 7,000 artistes will come together to present a spellbinding show.
The opening parade saw athletes from participating countries move in separate contingents with their placards. But the closing event seeks to showcase that all contingents each of which came with its unique identity have been united as one happy Games family.

‘‘The rains had affected preparations for the opening ceremony for most part of September. But we successfully pulled it off. The closing, too, is a challenge as we will get very little time to put together all the logistics. But the team will focus on a minimalist yet innovative approach to retain the ‘‘wow factor’’,’’ said Shovana Narayan, head of ceremonies team. She, however, refused to divulge any further details.

After the opening ceremony on October 3, the ceremonies team had been working to restore the field of play. About 16,000sqm of grass was planted on the FOP before it was handed over on Wednesday morning for the athletics event.

Around midnight on October 12, when the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium is handed back to the ceremonies creative team, it will get just 24 hours to convert the FOP into a theatre all over again. ‘‘Our team will be working by the clock. Every minute will count. The lights, videos, aerostat, the conversion of FOP into a theatre, and all other arrangements will be put in place within a very short period. The cast will be brought in on the morning of October 14 to familiarize themselves with the venue by evening,’’ Narayan elaborated.


sachin sharma said...

like opening ceremony, I wish India will show its best at closing ceremony too.

From a fan of
Commonwealth Games

Vishal_SEO said...

After CWG what?
Some of the untouched aspects of Commonwealth games which are not covered by Media.
But many issues have been thrown up by these Games that cannot just be discarded and forgotten so easily. Remember, the stories in the media were not only about dirty toilets and stupid statements about how the west and India have different standards of hygiene.
After Commonwealth Games What

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