Sunday, October 10, 2010

Visitor Management System in every 5-star hotel

If you are not staying at Delhi’s five-star hotels and only visiting their bars and restaurants, do not be surprised if you are photographed and issued a visitor card.

Delhi Police has asked all high-end hotels to install visitor management system (VSM) to record info about all the visitors. Touted as a foolproof check, VSM records the entry of visitors, their movement within the hotel and details of people they are meeting. ‘‘We ask visitors for any identity proof with their photo be it a driving license or a PAN card. Using the details on the card, we issue a visitor pass,’’ said a senior staffer at the Le-Meridien Hotel where several Games delegates are staying.

Most of Delhi hotels provisioned 50% extra budget for procuring latest security gadgets for Games though modern equipment such as baggage scanners, door frame metal detectors, CCTVs were included soon after Mumbai 26/11 attack. ‘‘A large amount was spent on installation of these security gadgets. We have also illuminated the area around the hotel so that CCTV cameras can record clear images during night. We are also using VSM. Electronic equipment are thoroughly checked and manual frisking is also done,’’ said a staffer at Ashok Hotel where many dignitaries are staying.

Hotel Janpath where foreign media officials are staying too has undergone renovation for security reasons. ‘‘We have spent money on installing CCTVs, increasing the height of the boundary wall and installing boom barriers. Shatter-proof films have been used on windows to prevent the glass from falling if it breaks due to a blast. We also brief our security staff from time to time about measures to be followed when there’s emergency. Several mock drills by Delhi Police have also helped us,’’ said a hotel manager.

A hotel in Janpath has also deployed a dedicated security team to deal with terror attacks like the one in Mumbai. Hotel employees were also verified by the police before their appointment.

But the heavy security is costing the hotels dearly. ‘‘We are not able to rent out these rooms to other guests due to security constraints. Moreover, foreign tourists and top sports stars have stayed away due to negative publicity,’’ said a top manager of a five-star hotel.