Friday, October 8, 2010

For Cycling Event Noida e-way to Remain closed for 3 days

If you thought the four-hour closure of both carriageways on the Noida Expressway for the past two weeks was not bad enough, wait till October 10. According to Noida police, while the carriageway connecting Noida to Greater Noida will be shut entirely on the expressway from 8am on October 10, the other carriageway linking Greater Noida to Noida will be closed infinitely from October 11. This blockade will remain till the time trial CWG cycling event gets over on October 13.

The decision comes after a review of the security at the expressway. Sources said the measure was taken to allow security agencies to check the entire route and enforce a lock-down after this event was termed as one of the most risky ones as it is a road race on open grounds. NSG has asked for more time to deploy their forces while IAF helicopters are getting ready to provide air cover. The police said they will be closing the service and slip roads on both sides of the expressway leading to blockade of residential offices and IT offices.

‘‘We are in constant touch with the OC. However, on Sunday, we will carry a full dress rehearsal with dummy cars and other vehicles,’’ said SP (Noida Traffic) Ajay Sahdev.


king said...

Just close the roads....provide no alternate route....I was stuck up for 4 hrs near the expressway.....There is no management despite all the training and education.....Let the common man suffer...after all he IS VERY COMMON....