Thursday, April 24, 2008

Developing new Infrastructure for Commonwealth Games

The upcoming event of this sort schedules to be held in the year October,2010 in New Delhi. Capital Delhi with its ancient, medieval and modern flavor will be in the center of the world’s attraction as the city is going to stage some of the exciting game of events in the Commonwealth Games from October 03 to Oct14, 2010. This will be the third biggest event hosted in Delhi after the 1951 and 1982 Asian Games.
For the same purpose and making the event a great history ,Government pumping in money for Commonwealth Games 2010
The government of Delhi and Government of India both ,is pumping in a lot of money for developing infrastructure and basic amenities for the proper functioning of the event.
A lot of resources is being spent over roads,power,parking and other related facilities.
New Delhi is a business and political hub for India. This is what it is famous for, in and outside India. New Delhi has to prove and present itself as a city which is a sports hub too apart from being just what it is originally known as.