Thursday, April 24, 2008

Preparatory Activities: Wow Complete rejunivation

The central government has sanctioned a budget of Rs 5,200 crore for the complete infrastructural development that will be released on phase wise within a span of four years as the preparatory activities progress under a long-term development plans.
With the existing infrastructure of Indian Olympic Association (IOA), Sports Authority of India, Delhi Development Authority (DDA), New Delhi Metro Corporation (NDMC) and Delhi University (DU) the Government of Delhi will undertake major renovation and upgradation work along with constructing a number of coaching venues, training sites, sports complexes, hotels and other required need in terms of transport and travel.
The government has also assured Commonwealth Games Federation that all construction work related to games would be completed by 2009. Hence the administration has speeded up its work assigning plans to different firms.
The purposed Commonwealth Games village is something that is set to be built on the Yamuna riverbed and the contract had been given to a Dubai based real estate firm Emaar-MGF. As per the plan there will be three residential blocks with a capacity of about 8,500 athletes and delegates in around 4,000 rooms. The entire plan is scheduled to be finished on December 2009.
The Jal Board(DJB) would also carry out a water cleansing plan of the river that accounts cost of Rs 1000 crore.
The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has also identified several sites for building hotels to facilitate accommodation in the city.
The Public Works Department is also assigned to build a modern sporting complex with number of outdoor greens for Lawn Bowls, tennis courts, multipurpose air-conditioned indoor stadium for wrestling, badminton, net ball along with training venue.
The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has also signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the 2012 London Olympic Organizing committee for mutual cooperation as both cities are going to organize two mega sporting events.