Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Traditions of the Opening Ceremony

In the starting a parade was carried out,which is commonly known as relay.From 1930 until 1950,a single flagbearer carrying the Union Flag,led the parade of Nations.

Actually until then the Great Britian was the most powerful nation of the Union and the flag was the symbol of its leading role

Since 1958, there has been a relay of athletes carrying a baton from Buckingham Palace to the Opening Ceremony.This baton has within it the Queen's Message of Greeting to the athletes. The baton's final bearer is usually a famous sporting personage of the host nation.

All other nations march in English alphabetical order, except that the first nation marching in the Parade of Athletes is the host nation of the previous games, and the host nation of the current games marches last.

Three national flags fly from the stadium on the poles that are used for medal ceremonies: Previous host nation, Current host nation, Next host nation.