Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Map for 2010 Commonwealth Games

New map for 2010 Commonwealth GamesThe government is planning to facilitate the tourist coming to the city for the 2010 commonwealth games by making a complete map of the city which would have all the information regarding different bus routes and metro lines. This step is planned for making the journey of the visitors more easy and remarkable and to save them from mess. As the number of visitors is likely to increase many fold, it is a bare necessity of the time.

The map will have all the Metro lines, Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) and private bus routes, Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) corridors, ring railways and feeder bus routes. Places of interest, monuments, important bus stops and selected telephone numbers will also be included to make sightseeing a fun experience and public transport accessible for tourists. The idea is to give tourists a fare idea of how to get around in the city the moment they reach here. The maps will detail all places of interest and link them to the models of transport available in the vicinity. For this, important bus stops and interchange points where people can switch from one mode of travel to another will also be marked out.

A senior official told that they will pick important areas of tourist importance and where one can easily find accommodation options. Routes leading to various games venues and Commonwealth Games Village will also be marked. He added that all the 600+ bus routes or 6,000-odd bus stops will not be marked on it as it will make the map to look cluttered.

The map will be a detailed one, giving road links too. It will be printed on good quality paper and the government is planning to make it look attractive and at the same time ensure that it is user-friendly too. Different icons will be used to mark categories of places of tourist interest and the various modes of transport operational in 2010 will be indicated in different colors.

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is also being requested to send the exact route map of the lines which will be operational by October 2010. The map will be of international standards and user friendly.

It will be available at all access points to the city, including airport, railway stations, bus terminals, places of interest and markets like Janpath, hotels and leading bookstores. The map will also give an idea of the fares for Metro, buses and even taxis, radio cabs and autos. The transport department helpline number will also be mentioned in case any tourist wants to lodge a complaint. Transport department SPV Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS) is also developing a web link where commuters can track the location of city buses on a city map. The real-time data will show the exact location of a particular bus, and how long it will take to reach a desired bus stop. By installing GPS in all the buses — Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) and private — this real time tracking has been made possible.