Monday, August 25, 2008

A Reality Check of Commonwealth Games 2010 venues

The Beijing Olympics is over and the action moves to London for the 2012 Olympic games. But before that, New Delhi is to host the Commonwealth Games in 2010. While Beijing Olympics showcased years of preparations which translated into an impressive visual treat and jaw-dropping examples of cutting-edge infrastructure, the level of the Capital’s preparedness on the other hand for an event that is barely two years away is worrying to say the least. Here is a reality check on the competition and training venues for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in the city which will see as many as 8,000 athletes participating.

The Following Agencies are engaged in the different activities of renovation, constructions and new developments:

  • Central Public Works Department(CPWD)
  • Public Works Department (PWD)
  • New Delhi Municipal Corporation(NDMC)
  • Delhi Development Authority (DDA)

Along with other small contractors and developers , appointed by these agencies
I will post the progress of these agencies , one by one in my coming posts