Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2010 Commonwealth Games will Be a historic success- Sheila Dixit

Sheila Dixit, Chief Minister of Delhi has assured all arrangements for 2010 Commonweal Games in Delhi would be in place within schedule. She said, Delhi Commonwealth Games would be a historic success like 1982 Asian Games held in Delhi.’

Speaking in BBC Hindi’s radio programme Aap Ki Baat BBC Ke saath to be broadcast on Wednesday 30 September 2009, Sheila Dixit admitted making foolproof security for the games wil be challenge but her government is fully capable of ensuring safe games. Sheila Dixit said, ‘Delhi police forces are given special training to deal with the challenges, surveillance cameras and other high tech equipements would be in place. Security concerns would be taken into consideration even in construction of stadiums.’

Sheila Dixit said Delhi police ensured no untoward incident happened during hundreds of Ramlilas recently concluded in the city.

There have been concerns about shortfall in accommodations for visitors during the games. It has been estimated that around 40,000 rooms would be required of which only about 20,000 are in place. Shiela Dixit said, DDA (delhi Development Authority has readied additional 5000 flats which would be available for visitors. Besides I don’t think all the visitors would be staying in five star or three star hotels. Rooms will be available in smaller bread and breakfast type hotels. Delhi authorities have begun the process to ensure these hotels adhere to certain acceptable standards.’

Recently, P. Chidamaram, the Home Minister of India had urged Delhites to shed the tag of being ‘rude and indesciplined’. Chief Minister Sheila Dixit epressed confidence that, ‘Delhities would rise to the occasion’. She said traffic police and government would launch campaign to make driving in Delhi more disciplined and people more courteous. The campaign beginning in November would continue tilt run up to the Games.’

Sheila Dixit also said Delhi government is taking steps to meet demands for good transport system during the games. She said, ‘ About 4000 air conditioned and non air conditioned buses would be procured. Besides the government would also hire taxi cars from private companies during the games.

Sheila Dixit said her government would also lay emphasis on showcasing Indian culture to the visitors during the games. Various cultural events would be organized and most of the city’s historic monuments would be repaired and spruced up.