Sunday, October 4, 2009

First Batch of Volunteers chosen for 2010 Games

Applicants From DU And Hospitality Sector

If you’ve been thinking of becoming the ‘‘face of the Commonwealth Games’’, here’s a peek at what you need to be one of the increasingly popular volunteers. ‘‘Enthusiasm, strong communication skills and the right body language are what we looked at while interviewing the applicants,’’ says Lalit Bhanot, secretary-general of the organising committee, which will be putting into service over 200 volunteers for the upcoming General Assembly of the Games from Monday.

With a steadily increasing number of applicants for the volunteer services, the OC hopes its first batch will be able to change a hitherto dismal picture of the Delhi Games. It’s a hope that could well work, as evident from the articulate and enthusiastic bunch of volunteers that have been trained in the past month. Shraddha Sharma, a 19-year-old hotel management student and one of the volunteers says, ‘‘It’s an opportunity for me to represent my country. I’ve been talking about my training to my relatives and friends and they’re now all excited as well.’’

The training has been exhaustive. From lessons on body language and English-speaking abilities to how to administer first-aid, the three-day session was packed with information. ‘‘The first day was basic general training. The second and third days were more grilling but fun: we learnt all about Indian sportpersons, venues, international and Indian sports laws as well as about giving first-aid and disaster management,’’ reveals Sharma. That wasn’t all. The volunteers were made to go through the paces when it came to information on Commonwealth Games and the countries that are part of the group, as well as all the various aspects about sports administration, including sports psychology.

And to ensure that the volunteers remember their lessons, a handbook was given out. The handbook, a kind of checklist, has details on the Games and venues as well as handy reminders to volunteers — from not to forget to get water while getting out to ensuring that the right shoe colour has been chosen with the uniform given.

The selection process was fairly long, admit OC officials. Almost 600 students from LSR, Khalsa College, Delhi College of Engineering, as well as the ministry of tourism supported hospitality institutes like IHM, IITTM and ICM were screened before 200 were chosen to undergo the training. The traits being looked at were simple: enthusiasm, the ‘‘right’’ body language, someone ‘‘pleasant to speak to’’ and 18 and above. Added Bhanot, ‘‘The enthusiasm of the volunteers was contagious.’’ The chosen ones were given special training in 17 functional areas — press relations, protocol, communication, Commonwealth Games Association relations, catering, transport and others. So while the students from DCE were asked to help out in technology, LSR girls were asked to be part of communication. The students from the hospitality industry stepped in to be trained in the concerned field while Khalsa students got a crash course in protocol and CGA relations.

Verified by the police, the 200-odd volunteers will be asked to help out over the next week as representatives from the other Commonwealth Games countries come for a visit. But the impact’s expected to be far-reaching than that. As Sharma adds, ‘‘The training will help me in the future too. But the best part is that I get to be part of history.’’



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is there any way now to apply for the for the games as a volunteer.if it is then tell me as early as possible