Friday, October 30, 2009

Govt. Departments to be linked with high-speed network before 2010

In what is being seen as a major communication technology feat by the state government, work to put in place the Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) Secured Communication Network is all set to take off as part of preparations for the Commonwealth Games. The same technology was used in Melbourne for the Games in 2006 and in Beijing Olympics last year.

The project will cost Rs 99 crore for a lease of seven years. The TETRA network will be ready for trial runs early next year and is expected to be fully functional by April.

‘‘The introduction of TETRA is a multi-layered jump in terms of secured communication technology in the capital. If the Asiad brought a shift from black & white television to colour television, the 2010 Games will see the advent of TETRA, which will be a big jump in terms of secured and efficient communication between government departments not only during the Games but even after that,’’ said Savitur Prasad, secretary, information technology, Delhi government.

Prasad said it will be a secured communication network among departments involved in preparations for Games. This high speed network seeks to achieve zero call drop rate and make communication possible at all times between various government departments.

The departments that will find a place in the network include Delhi Police, 2010 Games Organizing Committee, ministry of sports, sports authority of India, hospitals, fire department, PWD, DJB, MCD, NDMC and Delhi Transport Corporation among others.

Once the 46-odd base stations are in place, the network will enable departments to reach out to each other swiftly. The network will ensure that the information shared is secured and every piece of communication will be encrypted. To prevent any communication delays during the Games, the government seeks to ensure under TETRA that no calls are dropped.