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B&B Scheme for 2010 CWG: Delhites Want to Participate?

Want to become host to the millions of tourists both foreigners and domestic and contribute your two cents for the India’s pride event to be held next year ….???

Participate in the Bread & Breakfast scheme …

Read on to know more..

Here's your chance to show the world what our culture and family values are all about, with an opportunity to turn your home as a source of additional income.

We all share the pride of hosting Commonwealth Games 2010 in our great city Delhi. Along with this pride there are some concerns that we would like to share with you and address them with your active participation and support.

One of these major concerns is the large number of guess we are expecting and limited hotel accommodations available for these tourists.

Towards this, Delhi Government has initiated Bed & Breakfast Scheme and this is where citizens having properties and facilities in Delhi will be lodging in tourist coming from abroad and other states as a paying guest within a regulated frame work. Of course, you will be gaining from the fee charged by the guests, so it is an added source of income as well.

If you think you have suitable space and facility to run such an operation, we shall look forward to your participation.

Frequently Asked Questions for Bread & Breakfast Scheme

Who can apply under this Scheme?

Any owner/ resident of a premise who have spare bed rooms in their premises. The number of rooms which can be let out under this scheme can be 2/3rd of the total bed rooms available with minimum 1 and maximum 5 bed rooms. The owner must be a resident of the premises along with his/ her family.

From where the application forms can be obtained?

The application forms are available at Tourism Department, Govt. of NCT of Delhi, Room No.176, Old Secretariat, Delhi - 110 054 and Delhi Tourism & Transportation Development Corporation at 18-A, DDA, SCO Complex, Defence Colony, New Delhi-110 024.

The forms can also be downloaded from the website:

How many categories are there in this Scheme?

There are two categories namely: Silver and Gold under which the applications can be submitted depending upon the facilities being provided in the premises. The size of bed room under Silver category should be 120 sq. ft. and under Gold category, it should be 200 sq. ft. The check-list for the facilities is enclosed with the application form.

What is the fee to be deposited with the application form?

For Silver Category, Rs.3, 000/- and for Gold Category, Rs.5, 000/- to be deposited along with the application form. The fee so deposited is non-refundable.

Can there be change in the category applied for?

The premises can be recommended by the Committee either in the higher category or in lower category than applied for depending on the standard of facilities available in the premises. If higher category is recommended, the balance of the payment will have to be deposited by the owner, however, no refund will be allowed if premises registered under lower category.

How the customers will know about the premises registered under the scheme?

The complete details of the premises registered under this scheme shall be available on the website of Delhi Tourism and also tourist information centers being run by Delhi Tourism and Transport Development Corporation(DTTDC).

What will be the tariff?

Tariff under this scheme has not been fixed and will be regulated by the market forces.

Can a front office be set up in the premises registered under this scheme?

No such front office or otherwise is allowed under this scheme as the premises should be presented as primarily residential property.

How the water, power and other tariffs would be levied?

Since the premises registered under this scheme would be the residential premises, therefore, water, power and property tariffs would be levied on domestic rates and no other tax would be applicable to these premises.

What will be the time period under which the application would be disposed of?

All applications under Bed &Breakfast scheme are to be disposed of within a period of 3 months from the date when the applications are submitted.

Who will categorize the premises?

A committee constituted under the Act will inspect the premises after the application for its registration has been submitted and the same Committee will recommend the premises to be categorized under Silver & Gold category.

What will be the obligations of the owner of the premises?

The owner of the premises registered as Bed & Breakfast establishment shall :

(i) maintain a register and/or computerized record in electronic form giving detailed particulars as prescribed, of the guests and keep the same readily available for inspection at all times. The register shall have to be renewed on year-to-year basis and preserved for such period as may be prescribed;

(ii) send information of the guests staying in the establishment to the municipal body concerned and the police every fortnight on the 15th and last day of every month;

(iii) display the list of guests at the establishment;

(iv) obtain verification of the employees in the establishment by the police;

(v) maintain establishment in a good state of repair and cleanliness and fit for habitation of guests at all times and shall comply with any rules respecting standards of health, hygiene and safety including fire safety;

(vi) display at a conspicuous place in the establishment the certificate of registration, type of food offered, the schedule of charges for the accommodation and food, names of employees and time of checking out;

(vii) provide good quality food prepared in hygienic conditions;

(viii) inform the guests in advance of the type of accommodation, facilities and food offered, the rates charged, time of opening and closing of the establishment, etc;

(ix) provide the food and facilities to the guests as promised; and

(x) inform the prescribed authority within a week of the changes, if any, in the facilities at the establishment as approved at the time of registration.

What will be restrictions on the owners of the premises?

The owner of the premises shall not :

(i) maintain a front office and the entire house should appear like a normal residential house;

(ii) carry out or allow any commercial activity of tours and travel, sight-seeing, transport, handicrafts or any other similar activity in or from the establishment;

(iii) indulge or allow any such activity which adversely affects the privacy and rights of the neighbours and residents of the locality;

(iv) make misrepresentation to any person in respect of the establishment; and

(v) indulge in any kind of touting activity.

What will be obligations of the guest?

The guest shall, among his other obligations, comply with the following -

(a) He shall disclose his correct particulars for making entries in the register maintained by the owner;

(b) He shall be responsible for his good conduct and behavior and shall not indulge in any disorderly activity leading to breach of peace, civil and social atmosphere of the locality or create any nuisance to adversely affect the rights of other guests and residents of the establishment;

(c) He shall not run a separate kitchen in the establishment;

(d) He shall be responsible for the repair of damage caused by him or by any person whom he permits on the establishment through any of their willful or negligent act, but not for damage caused by normal wear and tear

(e) He shall cooperate fully with the owner of the establishment to maintain the premises neat and clean, to pay charges as due in time and to abide by other rules of the establishment; and

(f) He shall not allow any other person to stay in the establishment overnight.

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