Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Before Commonwealth Games 6600 New Buses for Delhi

The Delhi government will purchase 6,600 new buses before the 2010 Commonwealth Games to provide a better public transport system during the Games, Lieutenant Governor Tejedra Khanna said Monday.

Addressing the Delhi assembly at the start of the budget session Monday, Khanna said: "3,800 new buses are proposed to be purchased in time for the Commonwealth Games 2010. It will be augmented to a fleet of 6,600 buses, to meet the requirements of Delhiites."

The bus fleet will include both low- and semi-low floor buses, along with air-conditioned buses. It is likely to provide public transport a competitive edge over private transport.

Khanna informed the assembly that the Delhi government is constructing 24 new flyovers and bridges and six road-over-bridges/road-under-bridges to provide better intra-city connectivity during the Games period.

"The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) is also constructing 18 road-over-bridges/road-under-bridges to ensure rapid flow of vehicular traffic between the competition venues. These will contribute significantly to a reduction in stoppage times," Khanna told the assembly.

The Public Works Department (PWD), New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) and MCD have also taken up a drive to beautify the roads, by way of widening, strengthening and resurfacing the roads and street lighting.

"To improve aesthetics, street scaping alongside roads and in vacant areas around the flyovers will include greenery, tree plantation, street furniture and modern signages. All these projects are at different stages of progress and will be completed in time for the Commonwealth Games," Khanna added.