Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stiff Preparations for the coming CWG 2010

Long before the much talked about 2010 commonwealth Games would start in the capital, the Delhi police and security establishment of the country will be able to monitor the movements of people all across Delhi, including the stadiums, player’s hostels and the international airport.

With the threat of terrorists looming large on the capital, the Delhi police have decided to set up a command structure with digital video walls that would enable them to watch real time video footage from the numerous cameras that would set up at traffic signals, roads and inside the stadiums.

"The commonwealth command centre will be built in the Police headquarters. A control centre will be built on the fourth floor of the building which will have adjoining walls with two big screens. The screens will monitor all the CCTV cameras put in Delhi. We will be able to monitor all the stadiums from this command centre. There will be two methods of view: operational and command view. All hot lines will be connected to this command centre, "said the police commissioner.

With a budget of more than Rs. 200 crores for the security of the players, the cops are using especially designed eyes, "intelligent cameras", which will be embedded in the walls of the stadiums to keep a watch on the movements of the people. "These are smart cameras that can also identify unclaimed objects, number plates of vehicles and movements of the people," said a senior official of Delhi Police.

Delhi police would also be using a data base to identify criminals and anti-national elements who might try to disrupt the games. To further fortify the stadiums, there will also be biometric scanning of human faces and advanced under-vehicle surveillance.