Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Participating Nations of 2010 Commonwealth Games

Participating Nations of 2010 Commonwealth GamesDelhi, India is all set to host the multi sport event of Commonwealth Games 2010. The games are scheduled between 3rd to 14th October. Various preparations have been made in order to ensure the convenience of the athletes and travelers. The elite participants of Commonwealth Nations take part in 2010 Commonwealth Games. Even this time, the sports personalities are very excited about the Games.

The sports played during the event are some that are played in Olympics and some are played in typically in Commonwealth countries. Sports like Rugby 7s, lawn balls and netball are typical to Commonwealth nations.

With regards to participating teams, the event is considered to be the most grand multi sports events. The athletes from all over the globe would been participating in many sports like gymnastics, wrestling, aquatics, hockey, netball, table tennis, badminton, shooting squash etc. At present there are 53 Commonwealth countries and 71 participating teams.

The infrastructure of India has been made state of art to provide comfort to the participants and tourists. The dedicated Games village (Khel Gaon) the artificial sea beach, free Delhi and Taj sightseeing tours are a few attractions for the athletes. The Government has taken firm steps to ensure security of the participants and the travelers so that they can enjoy the sports without any worry.

Individual teams are from four countries of United Kingdom that are sent to the Commonwealth Games. These four countries are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Apart from this, individual teams are also sent from the British Crown Dependencies including Jersey, the Isle of Man and Guernsey. There are teams of six countries that have attended every Commonwealth Games.

They are Canada, Australia, England, New Zealand, Wales and Scotland.

The bookings for the Commonwealth Games Delhi have started. Do not delay further and book a tour to Delhi now and be a part of the wonderful event in 2010.


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ROBOCOP, a new police official for Commonwealth Games 2010

DELHI HAS got a new police official ROBOCOP who is very much in news these days. With the Commonwealth Games round the corner and reports of constant terror threats, ROBOCOP is the new Mini Remote Operating Vehicles (MROV) that will help commandos in a hostage situation and even defuse bombs.
Canada based ICOR Technology manufactured robot, ROBOCOP can not only trace the explosive but lift it and put it in a Total Containment Vehicle (TCV), which is used for defusing bombs. This way, bomb squad personnel will not have to expose themselves to the explosives.
MROV has a robotic arm with a 5 degree movement including a turret, shoulder, elbow, wrist and claw joint. It can lift approximately 20 kgs and drag up to 130 kgs. The caliber T5 robot are used by Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams across the world and can also drag injured people to safety, climb stairs and negotiate rocky terrain. It has a maximum speed of 8 km /hr.