Tuesday, June 9, 2009

India Preparing For 2010 Commonwealth Games

India Preparing For 2010 Commonwealth GamesHotel Staff, Security Personnel’s, Small Restaurant and Hotel Owners, Taxi and Auto Drivers to receive special training to lure foreign visitors during CWG Games

With 2010 Commonwealth Games round the corner, and the capital expected to play host to thousands of foreign visitors, the India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) in association with the ministry of tourism has launched a massive training programme for taxi and auto drivers, CISF personnel, dhaba owners, hotel staff etc.

In the scheme, participants will be taught Basic English as well as the courtesy to be extended to visitors.

Training will also be provided to residents who will be offering rooms to foreigners under the Delhi government’s bed and breakfast scheme. House owners will be briefed on how to be more tourists friendly so that the visitors can enjoy their overall stay in the Capital. ‘‘House owners will be provided hospitality-related training and be briefed about the Indian tourism scenario.

Most visitors generally question their hosts about the city so they will be provided information on the golden triangle - Delhi, Agra and Jaipur - as well as the other places tourists should visit in Delhi,’’ said an official.

A major focus group of the training will be taxi drivers, who will be provided certificates after they complete the same. ‘‘We need to promote the “atithi devo bhavah” spirit. These drivers will be taught basic conversational English, communication skills, upkeep and road worthiness of vehicles, first aid and safety management and common courtesy like opening doors for women passengers,’’ said an ITDC official.

Auto drivers will be another focus group. Admitting that most people prefer to use autos instead of taxis as they are more economical, officials said the biggest challenge would lie in ensuring auto drivers did not fleece the foreign visitors. ‘‘A proposal has been put up where auto drivers will be paid Rs 200 per day for participating in the training programme, which is for 14 hours. We have also approached Delhi Police in this regard. But since the training is a voluntary scheme, it is yet to be seen how many drivers will actually participate in it,’’ said an official.

Dhaba owners are another group being looked at. As well as security guards at monuments and staff of smaller hotels in the city. According to senior ITDC officials, all these categories of workers would be imparted training so they become more familiar with dealing with foreign visitors. Guards at monuments, for example, would be trained to help visitors if they appear lost. They will also be taught how to answer frequently asked questions from visitors. Security guards at Metro stations will also be made part of the programme.

A few years ago, the tourism ministry launched the “atithi devo bhavah” campaign at IGI airport wherein taxi drivers were trained in areas of hygiene and conduct, behavior, integrity, as well as safety and security for foreign visitors. Those who completed the training were given a quality sticker for their vehicles so visitors could distinguish them from other taxi drivers. However, the much publicized campaign soon fizzled out as taxi drivers lost interest.


anju said...

I have been trying to find way and means to apply for any kind of job to help trin people for 2010 cwg games , I am lady Army officer retired , wish to be part of such a great event but I am unable to find break thru. if anyone knows whom to contact pl info

Manjeet said...

I am a retired Colonel from the Army.Have been a National level Athelete.Was involved in the Gates Committee for Asian Games looking forward to be part of CWG Gala Event.Please let me know whom to contact,

Thanks & Regards