Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Commonwealth Games security drill begins

With not even 100 days left for Commonwealth Games, Delhi Police has embarked on a confidence-building exercise to allay fears about security concerns in the run-up to the sporting extravaganza.

On Saturday, Delhi Police commissioner YS Dadwal reviewed security arrangements at Major Dhyan Chand Stadium and Talkatora Stadium and announced ‘man-named deployment’ at the two venues. Under this, each policeman is assigned one fixed position.

With this deployment, cops will be trained about their positions and in dealing with emergency situations. It is aimed at providing real-time analysis to the officials entrusted with the inner security at the stadia. The drill, which started on Saturday, will be carried out every 10 days.

Once these venues are handed over to Delhi Police, the cops will further tighten the security the stadia will be sanitized and locked from September 15. During the sporting event, the cops will monitor movements at the venue from the Central Command and Control Centre for Information (C4i) being set up at the Delhi Police headquarters. CCTV cameras will bring live feeds to the control centre, round-the-clock.

Elaborating on the arrangements, commissioner Dadwal said: ‘‘We are carrying out this drill much before the actual dates to check preparedness and further fine-tune security at the stadia. I am satisfied with the preparedness.’’

However, the top cop seemed perturbed about vehicular movement in the city. ‘‘Traffic during the Games is a reason to worry. There will be movement of players, athletes, delegates. Plus, spectators will also come to the venues. So, I would request public to cooperate with the police. We will come out with advisories and request public to follow them. Dedicated traffic lane is being carved out for Games traffic,’’ Dadwal said.

Calling for cooperation from citizens, he said: ‘‘We will try our best to educate people. This is a great event for the city. Whatever arrangement is made by police, it can be successful only with people’s cooperation.’’

The security around each of the venues has been classified into four zones. The first check will be carried out in the outer zone where parking and traffic will be managed. Only those with valid tickets will be allowed into the second zone called middle zone after a soft check.

At the next level, spectators will be channelized into different enclosures after another round of checks. ‘‘In the inner cordon, bar-coded tickets will be checked and spectators will be photographed. All VIP cars will be made to pass through scanners. The final level, an exclusion zone, is the area 30 meters from the sporting venue. Here, all will undergo manual frisking, will be searched by hand-held metal detectors,’’ said a senior cop. Dadwal added that police is working in ‘‘very close coordination’’ with other security agencies, including National Security Guards.

He said that personnel are being given behavioral training to deal with the foreign tourists during the Games.