Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Radio Security System Trials for CWG to Start Soon

Three months to go for the Commonwealth Games and the Delhi government is finally getting around to putting one of its most anticipated security systems on trial.

According to officials in the government, the much talked about Tetra a radio based secured communications system goes on trial from July. The trials will initially be conducted by the Delhi government and later, other agencies will join in. The system is the backbone of the communications network that will be in place during the Games, making for a seamless patchwork of communication between 18 agencies, including the Delhi police, the Organizing Committee of the Commonwealth Games, NDMC, MCD, the fire department, and a host of other agencies involved in management of the Games.

The system will also address the security of athletes, delegates and all other VVIPs who will be in the city at the time.

This is the first time the government will be conducting trials of the system. According to sources, Tetra was also used during the Beijing Olympic Games, where the system crashed. However, Delhi government officials dismiss the incident, claiming measures have been taken to tackle such problems.

Said Delhi government IT secretary Savitur Prasad, ‘‘The magnitude of the event is different. Here, the Commonwealth Games are not on the same scale as the Olympics. Besides, we have already addressed the issue, so that redundancy has been built into the system. We don’t anticipate the same problems as Beijing had.’’

Sources say the trials are an important part of the process, as adequate exposure to TETRA is needed to use the system properly, and to anticipate any problems that may crop up. The system, which the Delhi government acquired for Rs 100 crore, will be used extensively during the Games as a secured communications network for security and administrative agencies. Around 10,000 handsets have already been commissioned for use.

Sources said base stations have been set up, and a full-scale trial will be conducted soon in which all concerned agencies will participate.

The handsets will be utilized in various ways, including, for instance, on buses used to ferry athletes or VIPs or to pass on information about security details.

Officials admit the trials are important, especially to address any real-time issues that may crop up. Prasad however insisted that the system was ready to be implemented. ‘‘It’s a security issue, so we wouldn’t like to divulge details. However, I will say the system has been set up and will be operational soon.’’