Monday, May 12, 2008

Agra Development Authority announced schemes for city's modernization

infrastructure development

The Agra Development Authority has announced half a dozen schemes to modernize the city's civic infrastructure.

Another bridge on river Yamuna close to the existing Jawahar bridge should be ready by mid June, 2010. This will relieve the pressure on the tottering 100-year-old Strachey bridge which itself is to go through a make-over phase. Work on at least three new fly overs in the city will begin next month and they are to be completed by 2010.

The biggest problem is water supply, which is brackish in the Taj Mahal area,which was made by the British .The water supply to the Taj Mahal area and the gardens is through a minor canal branching from the Agra canal fed by the Okhla barrage. This minor canal is now choked with garbage and there's no water because of poor maintenance . These are the major problems which demand fast and efficient overhauling.

Work on a bridge for the pipeline which has to cross the river Yamuna, close to the Mathura district border, has begun after some initial hassles caused by rival groups of villagers who wanted the project shifted to their side of the village.