Saturday, May 17, 2008

Queensland's Cooperating with India for Commonwealth Games

India Queensland Cooperation

Keeping in view the Commonwealth Games, India entered into a tie-up with the Queensland state government in Australia to strengthen business links.

Leading Queensland sports infrastructure companies, will participate in the infrastructure building teams for the 2010 New Delhi Commonwealth Games These are the same companies which owns the credit of building Olympic Park during Sydney Olympics.

This is not the first time when Australia is coordinating with India in business ,Queensland has been in business ties with India for a long time , but the only concern was natural resources. Recently a seminar “Queensland-India Partnership: Sports Infrastructure and Commonwealth Games 2010” was organized ,where the Queensland Premier, has expressed their interests in showing their expertise in other fields as well including Commonwealth Games. Besides working in event management and infrastructure building ,the Queensland government would be helping to train athletes for the commonwealth games

One Step Ahead

Extending their cooperation and relationship the Commonwealth committee has issued a Letter of Intent for construction of the new tensile membrane roof for the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium to Taiyo Membrane Corporation.

Other companies also do not want to lag behind , Brisbane's China Stars Events has moved a step ahead and has plans to inaugurate the Southern Stars International Cricket Cup in partnership with the Delhi -based Pelican Sports Management Dec 8-16 here.