Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Power Arrangements for Delhi Commonwealth Games

commonwealth games power arrangement

Capacity building on the electricity front is a priority concern for Delhi government. The government intends to spend over Rs.45 billion on energy during 2007-2012, while over Rs.6.15 billion would be spent in the new financial year.
Present demand for power is around 4,000 MW which will be go around an estimated amount of 5,200 MW in the next two years .
The process of capacity building is under way at full throttle and we hope that the city will have surplus power supply in two years.
Before the beginning of the Commonwealth Games in 2010 energy hungry Delhi will see the availability of power enhanced to 7,000 MW.
The city's peak hour demand is unlikely to cross the 6,000 MW mark in the near future. So around 7,000 MW power capacity puts us in a very comfortable zone.