Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Best Affordable hotels in Delhi for Commonwealth Games - 3

4. Crown Plaza

Crown Plaza offers a pleasant option for those wishing to stay in the heart of New Delhi and is a newly opened addition to the plethora of hotels in the travellers' haven of the main bazaar of Pahar Ganj. The rooms are simply furnished, clean and - rare for this area - quiet. It's right opposite the legendary Metropolis hotel, which has seen better days, but its restaurant is still worth a visit, as are the winding lanes of the main bazaar.

Contact: 5136, Main Bazar, Pahar Ganj; +91 23561800;


Room Rates : Doubles £11

5. Hotel Singh Empire

Hotel Singh Empire is located on the busy GB Gupta Road close to Pahar Ganj and is one of the nicest hotels down this strip. Traditionally decorated, the cheaper rooms are in the maze of lower floors, with the smarter rooms upstairs. The rooftop restaurant has just opened and you can even take yoga classes to wind down after a Delhi day. There's free Wi-Fi for guests.

Contact : 8707-8710, D.B. Gupta Road, Pahar Ganj; +91 41541948;


Room Rates : Singles from £19, doubles from £25

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Best Affordable hotels in Delhi for Commonwealth Games – 4

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