Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Preparations and Plans for Power Acquirements and Arrangements

power arrangement plans

National Thermal Power Corporation, Damodar Valley Corporation, Dadri power plant of NTPC, Jhajhar, Haryana plant and the Pragati power plant will start supplying around 4,240 MW of power to the city in the next couple of years.

The government is initiating certain corrective measures to maintain streamline power supply.

The government has plans to get 1,800 MW from local sources in addition to the existing installed power generation capacity of 932 MW.

The transmission and distribution loss is also a most important factor that has to be effectively addressed ,as it is the main cause of power loss. It was whopping high of around 49 percent in 2007-2008 whereas the National figure was of 30-31 percent. So this factor must be taken into account seriously otherwise all other measures will become less effective.

The government is also planning to add couple of projects for capacity addition in the coming 11th Five Year Plan period (2007-12) . At the moment, the city stands to get 750 MW from the upcoming power plant at Jhajhar in Haryana,which is expected to become operational in couple of years..