Sunday, January 3, 2010

Delhiites are really barbaric; they need to learn some civic lessons

In yet another effort to instill civic sense among Delhi residents, civic authorities Friday announced launch of a new campaign asking people not to spit, pee on or litter the roads "at least for the sake of the Commonwealth Games".

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has created a number of interesting characters like "Mr. Su Su (pee) Kumar" and "Mr. Kuda (garbage) Kumar" to dissuade people from urinating on the roadside and throwing garbage here and there.

"Mr. Thu Thu (spitting) Kumar" embodies those who are accustomed to spitting on roads and in public places without bothering how it offends the sensibilities of other citizens.

"Mr. Poly Uncle and Mrs. Poly Aunty" represent those citizens who use polythene bags without any scruples. The final message says: "We hope; now onwards Delhi will have less number of Su Su Kumars, Thu Thu Kumars, Kuda Kumars, Poly Uncles and Aunties and more of enlightened citizens."

MCD spokesman Deep Mathur said they will shortly launch this multi-media advertisement campaign entitled "Let's get ready" to create civic awareness with regard to sanitation and good civic habits ahead of the 2010 Commonwealth Games to be held here Oct 3-14.

The advertisement says: "Hosting an international event like Commonwealth Games is a matter of pride for our country" and asks citizens: "Together, let’s get ready to welcome sports persons, delegates and sports lovers from various countries in a clean and green Delhi".

The advertisement campaign carries the message of Mahatma Gandhi: "Cleanliness is next to Godliness". The message points out: "Dilli Ke Beauty Hum Sab Ki Duty".