Thursday, January 28, 2010

On CWG Federation website, Gujarat and J&K part of Pakistan

In the latest controversy to agitate relations between the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) and the Organizing Committee (OC) of the Delhi Games 2010, the former put up a distorted map of India on its website, leaving the latter to do the firefighting even as the country celebrated Republic Day.

The map, which showed parts of the country Jammu and Kashmir and Gujarat as integral to neighboring Pakistan, was taken off the site ( only after a strong protest was lodged.

Said OC spokesperson Lalit Bhanot, ‘‘We spoke to the CGF officials immediately after we got to know of the mistake. It was taken off right after that.’’ Bhanot said a formal complaint hadn’t been lodged yet, but the issue would be taken up on Wednesday. ‘‘Our first priority was to ensure that the map was taken off the website. We will now follow up on why such a thing happened, especially as the website is maintained by CGF.’’

Bhanot, however, was quick to point out that there was no malafide intention involved. ‘‘I’m sure it wasn’t a deliberate attempt by the CGF, rather a mistake. But we would definitely like to know why such a mistake was committed,’’ said Bhanot, who is also the OC secretary general.

Boundary Issues

CGF put up distorted map on website, causing red faces on Republic Day
Organizing Committee sounds out CGF. Map removed only after strong protest lodged
OC secy-gen says no complaint registered yet, “sure it wasn’t deliberate” but panel will take up issue with CGF on Wednesday CGF-OC ties strained over last few months
New Delhi: The India map goof up by the Commonwealth Games Federation apart, its relations with the Organizing Committee have been strained over the past few months since the Delhi Games 2010 came under international spotlight for tardy preparations. The OC had maintained that work was on schedule and that some of CGF representatives in Delhi were far from cooperative.

Incidentally, the CGF has been represented by its chief operating officer, Mike Hooper, for almost a year in Delhi now. Hooper will also be part of discussion, added OC officials.