Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Civic Bodies dug and Left: Now Blame Game Starts

As if living with the Games construction work was not enough, unnecessary digging in various parts of the city has created a capital mess. In many areas, agencies have dug up stretches for up gradation of drains, sewerage system and laying gas pipes etc work which could easily have waited till after the monsoon. In most such cases, work has been abandoned mid-way as the rains got more persistent.

Usually, digging is not allowed from June to September. But all rules have now been thrown to the winds in the name of Commonwealth Games. Even the deadlines fixed to stop digging at all Games related sites have lapsed. The open pits have become major causes for water logging and serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes, at a time when Delhi is reeling under the worst dengue attack in several years.

In front of GK Enclave, the pavement has been broken and a huge ditch has been dug. The workers have not turned-up for several days now and the continuous rains have led to mosquito breeding. PWD, the agency responsible for the stretch, claimed innocence. Said a PWD official: ‘‘The area had been dug up by discoms to lay underground cables. We will restore the pavements once it stops raining.’’

In CR Park, a new drainage system is being constructed near Market I. No one has turned up for work here either for several days. ‘‘Why are they taking on more work when essential work related to the Games is still not over. The city has rubble lying all over. It’s not like they didn’t know earlier that the drainage system needed up gradation,’’ said a trader.

In Panchsheel Enclave, a huge pit was reportedly dug by discoms and left open, causing major inconvenience to residents. ‘‘The area had earlier been dug up to lay a gas pipeline. After that work ended, discoms started digging the same place again. Then they just left the pit open without bothering to complete the work. No one knows what is happening now,’’ said Krishan Mitroo, a resident of Panchsheel Enclave. The pit has remained unattended for over two months now, residents say.

In Rajinder Nagar, residents have had to deal with open pits due to ongoing work of laying gas pipes and up gradation of sewer lines.’ They have been laying the underground gas pipes since February. Workers turn up for work as and when they feel like. There are open pits in the area due to this. The up gradation of sewer pipes has caused more trouble. Drinking water is getting mixed with sewage. Many people have fallen ill. We have complained to the authorities but no one has turned up to help us,’’ said general secretary of Rajinder Nagar RWA, D M Narang.

In certain areas, agencies have dug up an upgraded pavement, roads etc again in the name of Games projects destroying already upgraded infrastructure. In Vasant Vihar outside Modern School a newly-laid pavement was dug up to lay underground cables for streetlights. The pavement has since caved
in. According to the RWA, a stretch in front of D-block Market has been dug up thrice after the pavement was re-laid about a month back.

Said Sameer Baghat, member of Vasant Vihar RWA: ‘‘The pavement in-front of Modern School is dangerous for children studying in the school. The entire pavement looks like it will cave-in any moment. The worst part is that they just re-laid the pavement six months back. In front of D-block market, they have dug up a re-laid pavement at least thrice.’’