Sunday, August 1, 2010

MCD Worry about Dengue Threat at Games Sites

After detecting mosquito breeding in many of the stadiums being prepared for the Commonwealth Games, Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has now sounded an alarm. According to MCD officials, pits near the Games Village and lack of any outlet for drains at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium have become a cause for worry as they have become mosquito breeding grounds.

MCD health officer, N K Yadav, said: ‘‘At the Games Village, a wall has been constructed near the road and pits have been dug up near it. These pits get filled up with water in rain and become mosquito breeding grounds.’’

MCD claimed it was also facing problems while carrying out fogging near the Games Village. ‘‘Because of the construction of the wall around the area, we cannot take our vehicle-mounted fogging machines near the pits to spray chemical larvicides in them,’’ the official added.

With rains likely in October as well, the civic agency is getting jittery on how it will handle the situation during the Games. MCD has now hired 280 anti-malaria inspectors.