Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It Seems whole Delhi roads are Going in Ditch

As heavy rain continued in several parts of the city, two more road cavein incidents were reported.

After a car got stuck when a portion of the road caved in at K G Marg on Saturday night, a biker was injured at August Kranti Marg near Siri Fort in the wee hours of Sunday when his bike fell in a ditch created due to a cave-in.

Anup Kumar, the victim, said, ‘‘It was dark when I was driving down this stretch. I could not make out how big the ditch was was. The front wheel
of my bike almost got inside.’’

Public Works Department (PWD) officials on Sunday evening said they had fixed the road. ‘‘The Delhi Jal Board (DJB) had laid pipelines few months back on this stretch. It’s the same story getting repeated on all stretches. Utility companies dig along the roads, lay cables and pipes and then fill up the ditches in hurry. Their shoddy work is responsible for all cave-in incidents reported in the last few weeks,’’ said a senior department official.

Though commuters who frequently use August Kranti Marg blamed the poor quality of road laying work by the PWD for this incident, government engineers maintained that utility companies were responsible for incident.

The second incident was reported from Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg where portions of a parking lot caved in. Office goers said they saw the stretch caving in on Sunday afternoon. PWD officials, in this case, blamed a telephone service providers that had dug up the stretch to lay underground cables.

‘‘It’s not a big problem today as it is Sunday. Tomorrow it will be a major issue when offices will open and people will look to park their
cars,’’ said a said a marketing executive who has an office in the area.


Kasturba Gandhi Marg has caved-in thrice in August

Jaswant Singh Road near Andhra Bhawan has also caved-in thrice this month

One cave-in reported from Rajesh Pilot Marg

In the past, cave-ins have taken place at Ashram, Jehangirpuri, Aurbindo Marg, Saket,
GK-II, Moolchand, Shakti Nagar, Wazirpur