Monday, August 16, 2010

Dedicated Games Lane Trails to Begin This Week

Brace up for traffic snarls on arterial roads lining Commonwealth Games venues from next week. The traffic police are going to start trial runs for dedicated Games lanes from next week, wherein one lane on all roads leading to Commonwealth Games village, venues and the airport will be cordoned off for normal city traffic in a phased manner.

To start with, the trials will be carried out only during off-peak hours on selected stretches so that Delhi drivers get used to the concept.

Lane markings for dedicated Games lanes, located on the extreme right side of roads, is being carried out in several parts of the city where a solid yellow line demarcates the lane from the rest of the road. At regular intervals, one will see ‘Games Lane’ and the Commonwealth Games logo painted on the road in blue and white for information of road users. ‘

‘The road markings are being made and we will start trial runs on the completed stretches from August 16 or 17. The idea is to get people accustomed to the Games lane discipline. To minimize inconvenience, the trials will be held during off-peak hours and on holidays to start with,’’ said Ajay Chadha, special commissioner of police (traffic).

The trials will not be carried out on all roads at the same time. The cops are going to identify stretches where the lanes have been painted and lanes will be reserved for traffic accordingly.

According to sources, the cops are waiting till August 15 to start the trial runs since availability of staff will be simpler once the security arrangements are over. The traffic police wants Delhiites to get used to the new laning system which will be enforced strictly during the Games.

The idea of providing dedicated Games lanes is to ensure free access for athletes, delegates and Games officials who are headed for events during the 14-day sporting event in October.

Senior officials revealed that these lanes will not be blocked off round the clock. But a schedule will be prepared and each time there is an event in the vicinity, or on days of the opening and closing ceremonies, the space will be reserved for Games traffic.