Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blockages Leading to Water Accumulating at IG velodrome: Drainage a Big Problem

A couple of days left to athletes arriving in India for the Commonwealth Games 2010 and venues in the city continue to face problems. Sources working at the Indira Gandhi Velodrome say the drainage system at the venue has sprung blockages, leading to water accumulating within the premises.

Said a senior official, ‘‘The drainage system, which is supposedly state-of-the-art, however hasn’t managed to tackle the rainwater. The rain over the past few days has been very strong, which has led to the blocks in the drainage system.’’ The situation is so bad that water can be found to be lying in large quantities around the premises, as well as leading to seepage, add officials working in the site. The situation is especially precarious in the roof, where the accumulating water could well lead to leaks, added the officials. ‘‘Since its a closed stadium, the rainwater needs to be taken out through the pipes along the roof. However, since the drainage system is not working at optimum, the water flows out of the pipes and leads to leaks. A physical outlet had to be made to take out the excess water,’’ said the official.

Officials in the CPWD deny the allegations. Said BK Chugh, director general (works) of the CPWD, ‘‘There are no problems with the drainage in the Indira Gandhi velodrome. Its one of the most sophisticated venues we have constructed, with the latest technology.’’ Chugh claimed that the water accumulation was a temporary feature because of the rains and not because of a faulty drainage system. ‘‘The last time there was a problem was a fortnight ago, which was resolved. We have received no complaint from the Velodrome thereafter, and have been conducting daily checks,’’ added Chugh.