Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Elevated Road at Barapullah Nullah Shows no Sign of Completition

After missing several deadlines, a semblance of completion of the elevated road on Barapullah Nullah is now being turned into a PR exercise. The last segment all set to be launched on Wednesday afternoon in the presence of PWD minister Raj Kumar Chauhan. There is, however, still no clarity about the actual completion date or when trial runs can start.

Sources in Delhi government said that the minister will launch the lifting of the last segment and the engineers would need three hours to fix it. Chauhan confirmed that he would visit the spot. ‘‘This is a crucial project and we will complete the fixing of all segments on Wednesday. The project will be completely ready by September 14,’’ the minister said.

PWD officials said that by Tuesday night lifting and fixing of 447 of the 448 segments would have been completed. ‘‘The last one will be fixed tomorrow (Wednesday) over the railway tracks. So with this we will complete the main work within the given deadline. It will take another fortnight to complete the finishing work including illumination of the entire stretch,’’ said a senior PWD official.

No decision has yet been taken on the final date for the trial run of the elevated corridor which connects Ring Road near Sarai Kale Khan with Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. It is supposed to provide seamless transportation for sportspersons and Games officials and as such will be completely taken over by Delhi Police by September 15 as per the set security drill.

Officials say that for the past few weeks several top babus have visited the site along with people from the chief minister’s office. The pace of work on the road has been a major cause for concern and things had for a while seemed headed for the worst when the contractor asked for additional payment for use of launchers. Inspection after inspection has since happened including one by cabinet secretary K M Chandrasekhar and the road kept missing deadlines. It continues to do so even as the PWD minister looks for some publicity out of being present at the launch of the “final” segment after the many inspections that he has carried out there.

The Rs 550 crore project was originally scheduled to be completed in June this year.