Tuesday, September 21, 2010

CM Believes Delhi is absolutely ready: Really?

With barely two weeks to go for the Commonwealth Games, Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit on Monday reviewed the preparations and said the city was ‘‘now absolutely ready’’ and was aiming for ‘‘perfection’’ in various infrastructure and services.

Dikshit asked all the agencies involved in the Games-related project to constitute special teams to monitor the situation.

‘‘As the city is now absolutely ready to host an international sports event, it is the need of the hour to keep a close eye on newly-developed infrastructure, greenery, street lights, street-scaping, high mast lights and other vital civic services to ensure constant perfection,,’’ said the CM. Some 7,000 participants and officials from 71 countries and territories are expected to attend the Commonwealth Games.


Garreth said...

Delhi's not ready! The games are as good as cancelled

Amit said...

We all are proud to be Indians, but at the same time, ashamed to be part of such a shameful act which our leaders have put forth before the world. I feel we all are part of it because none of us have come forward to stop such corruptions happening. The so called contractors, babus are also all Indians. I hope the Delhi CM is jointly visiting the Village along with the Cabinet appointed and the International committee members prior to passing any further statements. Personally I think, no individual involved in the CWG preparedness (someway or the other) should pass on any further statement to media/in public and this should be done ONLY by an official spokesperson.