Saturday, September 25, 2010

Delhi Police Leaving Nothing: Carrying Out Double Check

Under pressure to ensure a safe Games, Delhi Police is leaving nothing to chance. Claiming that they were ‘‘not provided with complete details’’ of people who have to be issued accreditation cards for smooth entry to Games venues, the cops have been forced to do a double check.

A secondary verification is being carried out in 46,000 out of the one lakh cases to prepare a database and iron out the errors in the accreditation list.

Accreditation cards are being distributed by the organizing committee (OC) after the special branch of Delhi Police carried out the primary verification of over 1 lakh people, including volunteers, medical officers, workers, vendors, Delhi Police personnel and others. However, details of around 46,000 people were found to be incomplete because of which a secondary verification is being carried out.

According to Delhi Police, the OC has given out names and other details of individuals but when the names of two persons are similar, there is no way to establish their identities. ‘‘We are preparing a list of all individuals with common name. In some lists, there are five Rajesh Kumars but their parentage and other details have not been provided by the OC,’’ said a senior police officer.

Their references and complete details are being obtained from OC and special branch for a second verification. ‘‘We also want to run a second check on the accreditation of all government officials, including medical officers who have been called from outside Delhi. Many in the list given by the OC have been exempted from any verification. This includes government officials,’’ the officer added.

Meanwhile, Delhi Police had said that once the lockdown is initiated, persons without proper accreditation will not be allowed inside.

‘There is no entry for vehicles and only those with proper pass issued from the OC are being allowed inside. Contractors and vendors who have unfinished work at the venues will be allowed only after they are issued a bumping pass. These passes are being issued by the OC in consultation with the venue commander,’’ said an officer.