Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Failed MCD Now Seeks People Help in Cleaning Debris

Having failed to clean the city before Commonwealth Games, MCD has now sought public participation. The civic body, along with voluntary organization Let’s Do It Delhi, on Tuesday announced a ‘Clean Delhi Challenge’ to be held on September 11.

The idea is to include community groups, educational institutions and corporate in a special sanitation drive-cum-contest across the city on that day. Mayor Prithvi Raj Sawhney said the initiative will be open to all organizations, residents’ welfare associations, companies, colleges, NGOs and government departments.

‘‘All groups entering the contest will get a certificate from MCD and there will be special winners’ certificates for groups based on the volume of litter collected as well as how clean they have made an area,” Sawhney said.

‘Let’s Do It Delhi’ programme director Anita Bharghav gave the example of Estonia where 50,000 people cleaned up the entire country, collecting 10,000 tonnes of garbage, in five hours. ‘‘We can play our part in improving sanitation conditions in the city. Everybody can join. Let’s do it,’’ she said.

For the challenge, participants will have to choose a location of at least half-a-square kilometer, get their own volunteers or hire cleaners. The litter collected will be taken away by the civic agency later. The winners will be chosen from 12 MCD zones by a panel of judges.