Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Delhi Police Security Up-gradation Before 2010 Games

For Delhi Police, Union Budget 2009 has meant Rs 3049.43 crore allocation windfall, an increase of Rs 1468 from last year. The money will be spent on developing and upgrading traffic communication network as well as modernizing the force in the run up to Commonwealth Games 2010. The force had been allocated Rs 2,170.97 crore in the interim Budget.

The capital received Rs 22 crore for security up gradation, which would include installation of CCTVs at 58 markets and 27 border checkpoints. There will be 29 more police stations in the 12 police districts. A whopping Rs 42 crore has been given for developing traffic and communication network in the NCR and a model traffic system while a sum of Rs 56 lakh will be spent on training the city police.

The force will also recruit more than 6,000 officers across ranks before the Games, a process already underway. “The recruitment and training will be completed by January next year,” said a senior police officer. Officials, however, complained about the decrease in allocation for weapons procurement from Rs 14.47 crore to Rs 10 crore.

“We have sufficient weapons but we need AK-47s, MP5 carbines, Glock pistols and good quality bullet proof vests for each police station. Earlier, sophisticated weapons were limited to elite units like special cell and security wing,” said an official.

The modernization plans include helicopters for aerial surveillance. “We have sent proposals for procuring three helicopters to MHA, keeping in view the coming Games,” added an officer.