Sunday, July 5, 2009

Paralympics Committee Sets Target

5 Gold Medals at 2010 Commonwealth Games: Paralympics Committee Sets Target

The Nigeria Paralympics Committee (NPC), in addition to re-positioning Para-Sports in Nigeria, has set a 5-gold medals target for itself at the 2010 Commonwealth Games and has therefore began early preparations towards achieving the feat.

Secretary of the Special Sports Federation, Dr. Simon Ebhojiaye disclosed to Saturday Vanguard Sports that the NPC recently “organized a high level combined Seminar for its Administrative Secretaries and Coaches to build their capacity in ensuring the effective delivery of Para-Sports programme.”

Dr. Ebhojiaye said that the four-day combined Seminar which took place at the Liberty Stadium in Ibadan, Oyo State from May 26 to 29,and was well attended by the target participants, had 19 resource persons delivering professional papers in the core areas of Anti-doping and Sports injuries, Sports Law, Psychology, Classification, Coaching, Administration among others;

At the end of the seminar, a 10-point communiqué was issued by the NPC which believes that the country could use Paralympics Sports for the physically challenged persons to rehabilitate and eradicate street begging, as well as, re-brand the nation positively.

It also added that motivation and reward for Para-Sportsmen and women as well as their Coaches is a sine qua non to the development of Para-sports in the country, stressing that there should be a systematic planning of programme and regular national and international competitions to keep Paralympics athletes in shape all year round.

It was also suggested that adequate legislation at all levels aimed at eliminating discrimination; stigmatization and inequalities in opportunities should be put in place to


Tarminder said...

... 'the country could use Paralympics Sports for the physically challenged persons to rehabilitate and eradicate street begging ...' .... precisely how?

I just wonder that able-bodied street beggars have any impact from the Olympics or any other Mega sporting events of able-bodies that Para-sports feel compelled to make such claims of eradicating street begging by physically challenged ....

... very interesting concept, would love to see it in action. May be then we can learn something about eradication of street begging altogether using the power of sport and sporting festivals??!